Posted by: Rebekah | Saturday, 8 January, 2011

I Dunhoe

I thought I’d explain how I came about to calling my Blog ‘I Dunhoe’, it’s a family story.

When I was very young my Grandmother bought a block of land out Wollombi way, and I’m not sure if you know but a lot of people like to call large properties something, you know like ‘Eden’, ‘The Crossway’,  etc, I think you get my drift.  Well, after purchasing this property, my Grandmother asked all, well most, of her friends & family what to name the property.  They all came back with the same response, ‘I Dunhoe’, meaning ‘I don’t know’, after all we are Australian and we do tend to run words into each other.  So this is how it came about that this land was called ‘I Dunhoe’.

Now, I remember going the this wonderful place with a couple of sheds & an old caravan and having so much fun with friends & cousins alike.  We, children, ran wild up there & I mean wild.  We’d go swimming in the Dam but only when the adults where there because there was a Bunyip that ate children but was afaid of adults,  😉 well it kept us away from the water unsupervised.  We’d have Easter egg hunts but we’d have to be quick because our dogs would try to get them before we did.  🙂 

I have since been told that the adults didn’t quite have a much fun as the children due to having to maintain the driveway, fixing the holes in the shed roof, etc. But I never noticed I don’t think any of the children did.  It is unfortunaty that my children won’t have this same opporutnity that we did. 

But I have gone off on a tangent, now when my Grandmother passed I ask if I could have this one item & as I got in first, it was mine.  Since having this I have moved many times but one thing I have always maintained is that when I move out of a house it is to leave with me when I leave and it is to be the first thing up when I arrive at my new home.  When people ask me where I live I can honestly say ‘I Dunhoe’.

My Grandmother (Vera Cross)
with my eldest Daughter


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