Posted by: Rebekah | Wednesday, 12 January, 2011

OMG, my children have lice!!???

If you have children or will have in the future at one stage or another you will have to tackle these horrible blood suckers, Lice and they have just entered my house…again, grrr.

I have three children, 13 years, 11 years & 2 years and none of us are immune because I can promise that if you find just 1 of these little parasites or even an egg on anyone’s head there WILL be others & possibly on everyone’s head. 

Some Facts about Lice & Nits

  1. Head lice are contracted by head-to-head contact with an infested person or through contact with that person’s belongings.
  2. Nits (lice eggs) are attached to one side of a hair shaft at an angle. Nits are usually white to light grey in color and do not come off easily. Tip – if it crumbles in your fingers, it is probably not a nit.
  3.  A hatched nit needs a human blood meal within 45 minutes to survive
  4.  Head lice like clean, healthy heads the best!
  5.  If you have been exposed to head lice, check your head every few days for 3-4 weeks to make sure you are not infested.

Did you know Conditioner stuns lice for 20 minutes, so I use Conditioner and a fine tooth comb, which is a really cost-effective and chemical free way to treat Lice. I use this technique to treat my family & if you do this twice a week you’ll have a better chance of keeping them under control.

Conditioner and Fine Tooth Comb Technique

  1. Apply conditioner to dry hair aiming to cover each hair from root to tip with a layer of conditioner.
  2. Detangle the hair using an ordinary comb.
  3. Immediately comb the hair with a fine tooth comb. The best comb for this are combs with cylindrical metal teeth, not flat teeth. However, plastic nit combs with conditioner are also very effective at detecting and removing climbers with conditioner, but far less effective for eggs.
  4. Wipe the conditioner off the fine tooth comb onto a paper tissue and look for lice and eggs.
  5. Repeat the combing for every part of the head at least 5 times.
  6. Also examine the comb for lice and eggs

This is what you will be looking for

What else do you need to do?

You don’t need go crazy cleaning your house. Clean once and then concentrate on heads.

A small number of lice do move down to pillow slips at night. So change the pillow slip when you are treating your child, or heat it up (hot wash, iron, hot dryer) to kill any head lice that may have walked across to the pillow slip. However, focus your main efforts on the head, not on the environment. The head is where the action is!

Please inform the school, and/or daycare and parents of your child’s playmates if you discover head lice on your child.

So now after do all this over the last couple of days I’m finally feeling a little better, but I have to say now anytime I see anyone scratch there heads I get a little parnoid.  Something else that I encourage is that none of my children share hats and try to get my daughters always wear their hair tied back.  It may not stop the them but every little thing helps.  For more information check out the James Cook University Queensland.

Good luck with the fight…



  1. Well researched and great informative post. But then I guess you have had enough experience with them. Sorry for what you have to go through, it’s never any fun.

    Good luck. 🙂

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