Posted by: Rebekah | Friday, 14 January, 2011

What about Me ~ 50 things

During my scan through Facebook today I found a post from Muddled Up Mumma, and read about her 50 things then dropped over to Mum’s the word to read about her 20 things.  I love this idea so I thought I’d join in too as it seems like a bit of fun but it would also keep my mind off the devastating floods that Queensland, NSW & Victoria is having at the moment, where I have both friends & family, my thoughts are with them.


  1. I’m 37 years old
  2. I’m a Leo
  3. I was delivered by my Grandmother at home while my father was in hospital
  4. I am a coffee addict (& diet coke)
  5. I did Ballet for 10 years
  6. I was involved in the Navy Cadets after leaving Ballet
  7. I love to dance
  8. I have 3 children
  9. I have an amazing Husband who is a Street Entertainer
  10. I do Pole dancing (& love it) for both fun & fitness (I’m hoping to enter at least 1 comp next year)
  11. I hate cleaning my house & would prefer to pay someone else to do it
  12. I left home at 17 yrs & moved to WA with my boyfriend (1st serious one) I was too proud to return to my home state for 15 yrs, in spite of breaking up with him
  13. I love to travel & have travelled most of Australia but have only been to China out side of Australia
  14. I love snowboarding (although still learning)
  15. I’m a remedial massage therapist
  16. I’m learning to juggle & walk on stilts.
  17. I love the circus & wish I had of known you could actually run away with it.  🙂
  18. I LOVE shoes & have many (not sure how many)
  19. I had a malignant Melanoma at the age of 16 but have been cancer free ever since (& I never even sun-baked)
  20. My Husband is from SA but we meet 12 months after I return to my home state from WA
  21. My Husband & I just got married about 4 months ago
  22. My favourite colour is purple
  23. I love gold
  24. I have 3 tattoos & have body piercings
  25. Love dreadlocks but have never had the guts to grow them myself
  26. I belive in Karma
  27. I can’t stand hording
  28. When I was a teenager I suffered from an eating disorder
  29. I have suffered from Postnatal depression & still suffer from depression  
  30. My favourite actors are Johnny Depp & Angelina Jolie
  31. I really enjoy having a glass of red wine, although very rare
  32. I was 24 years when I had my first child & my last at 35 years.
  33. My last child was a water birth (highly recommend it)
  34. I’ve once been described as a Gypsy Punk (I quite like it)
  35. I prefer chips over chocolate
  36. I love sunflowers
  37. I’m a control freak
  38. I don’t regret my choices in life, just wish I had of known what the results were going to be before I made them…lol
  39. I’m an optimist
  40. I’m new to blogging
  41. I love to learn new things
  42. I enjoy change
  43. I love summer & hate winter
  44. I’d love to be able to perform with my husband one day
  45. I’d prefer to listen to music than watch TV
  46. I’ve watched Home & Away since it first started (I know very embarrassing)
  47. I’ve just learnt how to crochet
  48. I am a Sunny Mummy
  49. I’m a red-head with a temper to match (sometimes)
  50. I took the photo at the top of this blog with my own camera

Hope you enjoy this little insight into me




  1. What a great idea! 🙂

  2. I’ve always wanted dreadlocks too..
    Cool list =)

  3. I love your list! Looking forward to following you on your blogging journey.
    Cheers Jodie

  4. What a great list. Thanks so much for playing along!

    It is nice to have a little fun and try not to think about the devastation that has occurred all over our country this past week. Atleast for five minutes! 🙂

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