Posted by: Rebekah | Friday, 4 February, 2011

You Capture ~ Red

 This week for You Capture  at ‘I should be folding laundry’ the theme was


Red is one of my favourite colours & I found at Beading Design Jewelry all these fabulous words that we associate with the colour Red, which is probably why i love the colour so much 

 Meaning of Red Key Words:
excitement, energy, heat, love, determination, strength, power, confidence, action, passion, sex, impulse, desire, daring, fire, vigorous, enthusiasm, energetic, honest, devotion, protection, responsible, assertive, adventure, spontaneous, health, extroverted, good fortune, assertiveness and aggression, strong-willed, all things intense and passionate.

So this is what I found this week, I think I’m getting better

Love of Coffee


Lonely Boogie board left on the sand


Swim between the flags

 Next weeks theme is ‘Cold’, that should be interesting considering we are in Summer here and have been averaging 35°C to 40°C days this last week or so

Don’t forget to check out the others at
You Capture – Red



  1. Great shots. I think of drinking ‘cold’ frosty treats in the summer heat! 🙂

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